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About Work in Progress: Patient Practice

A Patient Practice is an ongoing project centering intergenerational conversation, play, and study to create a map of remembered lessons in collaboration with my teachers and mentors that I have learned from over the years. 

As an interdisciplinary dance artist, I am working with a constellation of mentors and teachers to make a recipe book of dances, an album, a feast, an archive, a website, a catalogue, an anthology, and a collapsible system of somatic, sound, and movement practices that has been and will continue to be shared around the country.


Jasmine Hearn was born and raised on occupied lands now known as Houston, TX. They are an interdisciplinary artist, director, choreographer, organizer, teaching artist, a 2022 Creative Capital recipient, and a 2017 + 2021 Bessie awarded performer. Jasmine’s commitment to dance is an expansive practice that includes performance, collaboration, and memory-keeping. They give gratitude to Spirit, Claudette Nickens Johnson, Byronné J Hearn, and all the mothering black folx who have supported their dreaming dancing moving body.

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