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Tribute To Niles Ford

By January 18, 2012December 17th, 20142012 Director's Notes

NIles performing

As I mentioned in my last post our dear friend and frequent BDF visitor, Niles Ford passed away this week at 52–way too early. The dance community has lost a very special person. It is heartwarming and heartwrenching to read the Facebook posts on his page of the many people whose lives he touched, and to see a lovely obit in the New York Times this morning.

I am so deeply saddened by Niles’ passing and still trying to wrap my heart around the reality.  He was to teach for us this summer and I know he would have created a  great rep piece with the students. As well as being a terrific dancer and choreographer Niles was a fabulous dj who spun for some pretty hot dance parties at the Festival. For all his talents he will be deeply missed.

Many of us who will gather at BDF this summer were close to him and I hope we can create a space to honor him.