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The Making of YAP – Week 2.5


Love Is Eternity


As the Festival Finale creeps closer and closer, the Youth Arts Program faculty and staff have begun shaping and finalizing their ideas. On Monday, the students gathered together to show their peers the pieces they have developed throughout the last two weeks. Some of the dances include handstands and spinning on the ground, while others focus on smooth, slow movement and meditation. The music is upbeat and energetic in some pieces, and instrumental and peaceful in others. The students are often dancing in pairs, which gives them the opportunity to learn partnering, cooperation, and balance.

Monday evening, the YAP faculty met to finalize the order of the Festival Finale and discuss transitions and themes. Today the students will run through the first half of the show, and will continue through the second part tomorrow. The YAP staff enjoyed their meeting and even sang through some of the songs. The faculty always makes sure that having fun is a priority at YAP, even at weekly staff meetings.

The staff discussed transitions, which are important for physical blocking of the show, and also for the smoothness and arc of the piece. For this year’s Festival Finale, the students will begin with quiet, slow movement. They will then build to a more energetic middle, and decline again to a soft, serene ending.

Although the YAP staff began with the solidified theme of time in mind, they have transitioned this idea to include a strong sense of mindfulness and being in the moment. The students have been learning to be mindful and present every day in order to make each moment special. Keeping with this idea of time and being present, the students will end the show with an infinity sign made of moving bodies. The show will close with the students’ voices saying, “Love is Eternity.”

This statement was inspired by a quote Henry Van Dyke: “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.” The YAP staff feels that this quote really embodies the meaning of this year’s show and the supporting community created by our students.

The staff has decided that the “Yappers” will wear white t-shirts that they will paint themselves in art class for the final showing. Their outfits as well as their movements will emphasize the students’ unique qualities and personalities. The students’ voices will be used to accompany their movement, as well as songs that they have created and centered on time.

Everyone is excited and looking forward to the beautiful moments that will happen throughout this week and in the Festival Finale. The students are enjoying watching each others pieces and are influenced by their talented peers and teachers every day. They cannot wait to show off everything that they have been working on in these past few weeks to their family and friends.

This post was written by Sydney Burrows. Sydney is the BDF Social Media Intern for the 2016 summer.

Photography by BDF Intern Blake Caple