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The Little's and the Finale

The Little’s (students ages 6-8 years old) went to a Lots to Gardens site today at Franklin Pasture.  They did different things like, picking horn worms from tomato plants, Japanese beetles from plant leaves, and weeded and composted!  They also learned about what plants are edible in the wild. Lots to Gardens has loads of cool community activities like cooking classes and community food projects.  We learned that anyone can get involved by volunteering and people who don’t have yards use part of the gardens to grown their own vegetables like cucumbers and eggplants!  It was pretty cool.

The YAP group had a rigorous practice run of the final show we will be doing on Saturday, but tomorrow we will be working on dances and music numbers to show tomorrow at 2:30pm at Olin Arts Center at Bates College it’s free to the public.  I would at this time like to thank our amazing interns who I totally hope come back next year: Scotty, Keyla, Rika, and Christine, and our amazing teachers Patrick, Dana, Terrence, Priscilla, Yvvone, Rose for a wonderful 3 weeks at YAP this year. I can’t believe the three weeks is almost gone!