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The International Visiting Artists Program

Ima Iduozee

In 1994 the Bates Dance Festival initiated the International Visiting Artists Program  (IVA) to provide emerging choreographers from around the world with an opportunity to participate in our annual gathering of the American dance community.  Since then we have hosted artists from Democratic Republic of Congo, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Cuba, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The Festival, in collaboration with its’ funding partners (New England Foundation for the Arts, Asian Cultural Council, Saison Foundation, The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium and others) invites visiting artists to Maine each summer for three-week creative residencies.  Participating artists devote part of each day to creative research and development.  In addition, they have an opportunity to study with outstanding instructors in a wide variety of dance disciplines.  Most IVA artists present a workshop for Festival participants and perform in the Festival’s annual Different Voices concert.  Artists share their approach to creating work and the cultural environment in which they work as part of a Global Exchange Panel.

The Bates Dance Festival is committed to creating an artistically and culturally diverse community that fosters a creative exchange of ideas. The Festival has become known as a haven for contemporary artists — a place where they can develop new work and share ideas in a supportive, nurturing environment.  IVA builds on our commitment to diversity by offering international visiting artists an opportunity to intimately engage with a community of peers and familiarize themselves with the American dance scene.  Their presence offers American dance students, educators, artists, and Maine audiences a chance to experience other cultures and dance traditions up close and personal.

Program Participants — 1993-2017


  • Patricia Ortega Perez (Dominican Republic)
  • Tianwen Lan (China)
  • Jiegong Wu (China)


  • Julie Iarisoa ( Madagascar)
  • Jian Sun (China)
  • Wenqi Li (China)


  • Ima Iduozee (Finland)
  • Chen Jun (Hong Kong)
  • Suqin Zhang (China)


  • Flavienne Biale Lago (Ivory Coast)
  • Daniel Marin (Mexico)
  • Roseli Arias (Mexico)


  • Sylvestre Akakpo (Togo/US)
  • Shiferaw Tariku Birega (Ethiopia
  • Barakissa Coulibaly (Ivory Coast)


  • Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast/US)
  • Daudet Brazai (Ivory Coast/France)
  • Johnny Millan (Mexico)
  • Xitlali  (Mexico)


  • Kettly Noel (Mali/Haiti)
  • Mamela Nyamza (South Africa)
  • Nelisiwe Xaba (South Africa)
  • Sunon Wachirawarakarn (Thailand)
  • Hsui-Hsian Wang (Taiwan)
  • Tatiana Mejia (Dominican Republic)


  • Panaibra Gabriel (Mozambique)
  • Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast)
  • Claudia Lavista & Omar Carrum (Mexico)


  • Jose Jay B Cruz (Philippines)
  • Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast)
  • Opiyo Okach (Kenya/France)
  • Qudus Onikeku (Nigeria)


  • Daudet Fabrice (Ivory Coast)
  • Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast)
  • Nadia Beugre (Ivory Coast)
  • Yutaka Joraku (Japan)


  • Adriana Leon & Alejandro Vera (Mexico)
  • Lucky Kele (South Africa)
  • Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast)
  • Claudia Lavista & Omar Carrum (Mexico)


  • Alicia Sanchez & Carlos Martinez (Mexico)
  • Rani Khanam (India)
  • Po Lin Tso (Hong Kong)
  • Wei Ching – Ju (Taiwan)
  • Lucky Kele (South Africa)
  • Mira Tedja (Java)


  • Mugiyono Kasido (Java)
  • Faustin Linyekula (DR Congo)
  • Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe (South Africa/France)
  • Gregory Maqoma (South Africa)
  • Mauricio Nava  (Mexico)
  • Kota Yamazaki (Japan)


  • Bety Fernandes (Cape Verde)
  • Dao Anh Khanh  (Vietnam)
  • Antonio Salinas (Mexico)
  • Rosy Tavares (Cape Verde)


  • Alejandro Vera & Adriana Leon (Mexico)
  • Maria Aprianti (Indonesia)
  • Marianela Boàn (Cuba)
  • Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe (South Africa)
  • Vu Tran Phuong Nga (Vietnam)
  • Ngo Thuy To Nhu (Vietnam)
  • Kota Yamazaki (Japan)


  • Clara Andermatt (Portugal)
  • Fukurow Ishikawa (Japan)
  • Jose Antonio Hevia (Cuba)
  • Kosei Sakamoto (Japan)


  • Akiko Kitamura (Japan)
  • Hartati (Java)
  • Marianela Boan (Cuba)
  • Mano Preto (Cape Verde)
  • Ting-Chu Cho (Taiwan)


  • Ting-Chu Cho (Taiwan)
  • Claudia Dias (Portugal)
  • Kim Itoh (Japan)


  • Teresa Prima (Portugal)
  • Kazco Takemoto (Japan)


  • Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa)
  • Sukarji Sriman (Java)
  • Antonio Tavares (Cape Verde)
  • Kota Yamazaki (Japan)


  • Wen Hui (China)
  • Monica Lapa (Portugal)
  • Sukarji Sriman (Java)
  • Kota Yamazaki (Japan)


  • Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa)
  • Filipa Francisca (Portugal)


  • Silvia Real (Portugal)
  • Moeketsi Koena  (South Africa)
  • David Matamela (South Africa)


  • Ming Lung Yang (Taiwan)
  • Marguerita Guergue (Spain)
  • Susan Abraham (South Africa)