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Moving in the Moment

Sat, July 30, 7:30 pm
70 mins
Alumni Gymnasium

Moving in the Moment is designed to bring together the Bates Dance Festival faculty, guest artists and musicians to rehearse and perform in an improvised dance concert.  This concert is a yearly favorite of audiences, allowing them to experience a wide array of dance artists and musicians working together in a structured improvisation.  Performers attune themselves to one another and their surroundings with the goal of coherent action and thinking.  It is real time collaboration, which means that each performer has to continually recalibrate in relation to what is happening in order to discover and develop the form and content of the composition.  At times it feels like walking on a tightrope — where sometimes you fall and have to get back on.

Chris Aiken will be the director of this concert.  He has taught at Bates for more than twenty years and has facilitated many Moving in the Moment Concerts.  He is internationally recognized for his work in performance improvisation.

Moving in the Moment is dedicated to the memories of Nancy Stark Smith, Kathleen Hermesdorf, and Arthur Fink.

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