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Halfway Through Folks

By August 2, 20122011/12 BDF in Motion

At the end of yesterday afternoon, come the final period of a Wednesday (what some consider the middle of the week “hump-day”), Paul Matteson announced to those of us in his Partnering Possibilities class that we are now halfway through the festival. Our bodies glistened with sweat, our shirts mildly (or heavily) damp as a result of an effortful, collaborative class. We had just shown the work we spent the duration of class creating in pairs. Collectively, we shared an enthused appreciation for the quality of work shown pair by pair to the group. Paul made a genuinely sweet point after the final duo performed; he said, had this class been the last class altogether, it would have been a fulfilling end to our time together considering  all we had explored and accomplished so far. But how exciting it is to know that not only have we reached this state as a group, but there is more time to this festival to savor! There is still time to keep moving through unknown territory together and discover even more. We all responded with a hum of satisfaction. Keep on keeping on everybody!