Gathering Momentum

By August 15, 2010 December 17th, 2014 2011/12 BDF in Motion

Moving in the Moment: Shoe Circle

Moving in the Moment video clip: yappers in action

I think we all can feel the momentum of the Bates Dance Festival.  To borrow from the fabulous BDF improvisation performance, we are ‘moving in the moment,’ living each day not in what will happen tomorrow, but in each and every second.  It is both remarkable and coveted to be able to commit three whole weeks to becoming completely absorbed in your great love.  For me, this experience was more intense than ever.  When not dancing, talking to dancers.  When not talking to dancers, watching dance.  When not watching dance, filming dance.  When not filming dance, editing films of dance…

And boy did I have fun creating these videos!  All other responsibilities fell away, and the project consumed my thoughts.  Like when I choreograph, my head is barraged with images, and I can rest only once my ideas have become tangible.

I had so much fun creating the videos on the Youth Arts Program and the Emerging Choreographers Program.  The YAP students were so incredible, not to mention adorable, and they are only a reflection of the extraordinary and gifted staff.  I learned so much from observing their classes, and I am glad to be able to share what it is like to spend a day at YAP through youtube.  A special thanks to Dana for all her help and for making us (Victor and me) feel at home at YAP.  And then there is Deborah and Helen, who let us follow them in their creative explorations, and were just, to say it bluntly, super cool.  I look forward to seeing how their works-in-progress continue to develop.  At Bates they were gathering momentum, their works evolving from the first showing to the last…

But I think the videos speak for themselves, so check them out! Go to the BatesDanceFestival youtube page, or follow the below links.

YAP Chapter 1: A Day In The Life

YAP Chapter 2: Master Classes

YAP Chapter 3: Creation Of The Piece

BDF Emerging Choreographers Program

-Alissa Horowitz