Join YDW@HOME for six days of rigorous training, thought and creative process. Students 14-18 years old, with previous dance experience take three or four classes each day, ranging from Groove, Postmodern Technique, Dance for Camera, Composition, and Dunham Technique.

Dancers are supported in their training by a mentorship team who are major contributors to the field of dance as performers, choreographers, organizers, and educators. Directly following classes, students join the mentorship team in virtual “hall meetings.” Students will have an opportunity to build life-long connections with peers and colleagues, and gain valuable insight from the mentors about balancing professional and personal interests with successful career in dance. Hall meeting topics will include dance in higher education, self-care and body-awareness, and navigating multiple career paths.




Class Details


Groove with Shakia Johnson

This class will provide a chance to find rhythm, heat and collective rigor through dynamic movement and cardiovascular conditioning. Dancers work collectively to cultivate joy and effort around physicality, drawing from Hip Hop, House and vernacular techniques.

Postmodern Moves with Tristan Koepke

This class will explore the balance of clarity, versatility, and individuality necessary for a grounded dancer and performer. We will integrate various postmodern and contemporary dance techniques as we investigate movement principles such as weight, opposition, fall and rebound, and breath.  We will explore a full range of movement with focused attention and awareness of sensation, form, function, and style.  Each class will be a unique exploration in rhythmic specificity and nuanced choreography, welcoming and refining both originality and precision.

Live|Online telematic dancing with Scotty Hardwig

In this workshop we’ll investigate the virtuosity of virtual dancing, and how to combine the arts of movement and visual media into unique performance works. Using the frame of the screen as our creative canvas, we’ll shape and craft a live|online dance together, and consider how the expressive power of the moving body can speak poetically and kinetically across great distances of time and space.

YORCHHĀ with Ananya Chatterjea

In this movement class, students will be introduced to YORCHHĀ, the contemporary dance form created by Ananya Chatterjea by intersecting the principles of the traditional dance form Odissi, the martial art form Chhau (Mayurbhanj style), and Vinyasa Yoga. The class will emphasize alignment of joints, lines of force, techniques of remaining simultaneously grounded and nimble, carrying energy to the ends of our limbs, and breath and vocalization while dancing. All students passionate about dance are warmly invited. We will work bare feet. I encourage artists to show up with their whole selves to this dance experience.

Diasporic Modalities with Joya Powell 

Freestyle, groove, jam: Improvisation has always been a key tool in the creation and evolution of dances of the African Diaspora. This workshop will deepen the inquiry of the Africanist aesthetic in dance through an improvisatory experiential framework. What movement conversations are created through a deep listening to self and our impulses to engage with sound/music, the environment, and our community? How do we honor the self in collective experiences? Participants will embody explorations of the improvisatory concepts, sequences, and modalities that are rooted in the dances of: Afro-Brazilian Dance, Jamaican Dancehall,  African American Social Dances, and House. We will use the foundational improvisational principles of these dance forms through a balance of play, investigation, and rigor.


Dancers must opt into the full intensive. The fee is $350. Please email dancefest@bates.edu with any questions.

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