Modern – Courtney D. Jones

This class will begin with a full-bodied center warm-up with exercises emphasizing, breath, movement qualities including but not limited to swinging, percussive, sustained, suspension and collapse, gentle and appropriate stretching, strengthening and core connection, a sense a of grounded and weighted center of gravity, proper alignment and coordination.

Across the floor exercises will focus on locomotor skills and progressions while emphasizing dynamics, level and directional changes, rhythm and musicality, sequencing and sight-reading skills. Finally, center combinations and phrase work will continue to explore sight reading and retention, focus, intention, floorwork, inversions, some improvisation musicality and dynamics while also encouraging personal expression and artistry. The class will be physical, athletic and fun.  We will explore movement with an open dialogue and humor, building a community that encourages respect for every individual and the freedom to ask questions and to express themselves.  Students will receive corrections and critique albeit without judgement and the expectation to be your best artist will be anticipated.

Modern – Tristan Koepke

This class will explore the balance of clarity, versatility, and individuality necessary for a grounded dancer and performer. We will integrate various modern dance and release-based techniques, yoga, and partnering in order to investigate movement principles, such as weight, opposition, fall and rebound, and breath.  We will explore a full range of movement with focused attention and awareness of sensation, form, and function.  Each class will be a unique exploration in rhythmic specificity and nuanced choreography, welcoming and refining both originality and precision.

Ballet – Shonach Mirk-Robles

This class is designed to provide an understanding of body placement, the use of the skeleton, the influence of gravity through the body in a turned out position and the use of energy from the floor throughout the body in basic ballet. The barre is used to build strength and coordination. The center work introduces an organic relationship to direction and movement, along with an understanding of different movement qualities, such as fluidity in adage, suspension and sharpness in turns, and balon in small and big jumps.

Ballet – Martha Tornay

This class is designed to emphasize a physical understanding of the source of ballet technique. Through clear barre exercises students are encouraged to recognize their individual anatomy and learn how to practice ballet in a secure and effective way, placing a strong emphasis on epaulement (upper body) working in harmony with the rest of the body. Center exercises further develop an awareness of technique using tangible combinations that are designed to escalate in complexity, giving the dancer the substantial benefit of a classical ballet class.

Jazz – Sheron Wray

This class offers a rigorous investigation in concert jazz dance through the fundamentals of Matt Mattox technique, as well as Caribbean and West African diasporic dance practices.  This class will also incorporate Embodiology®, a neo-African improvisation-as-performance practice which expands beyond the traditional western model of somatic awareness, interweaving imagination, intuition and cognition to inform improvisation and compositional strategies. We will train according to fundamental precepts that support physical and cognitive flexibility such that students may enter into the field as versatile and thoughtfully engaged dancers.

Hip Hop – Shakia Johnson

In this class we will learn the old and new school vocabulary of hip hop styles including locking, popping and house, as well as new school choreography. This is an energetic class that will build your stamina, improve your flexibility and strength, and expand your hip hop vocabulary. The focus is on isolation, complicated rhythms, across the floor progressions and drills designed to help you master these various styles. Students will learn multiple combinations, be encouraged to explore creative expression through this genre, and work collaboratively with their classmates.

Composition & Improvisation – Lida Winfield

This class helps dancers deepen their knowledge of personal movement patterns and develop and refine their individual creative expression. Class includes warm-ups that increase awareness of anatomical systems, followed by structured improvisations and movement studies. Learn how to allow your creative impulses and ideas the freedom to take an initial form, rework them, choreograph from them, and make dances with the help of your fellow movers.

Modern Repertory – Sean Dorsey

In this class, dancers will have the opportunity to learn repertory from Sean Dorsey Dance’s new BDF-commissioned work BOYS IN TROUBLE (currently touring the US). Dancers will get an inside view into Dorsey’s creative process and dive deep into his signature choreography – while learning and performing excerpts of this challenging, joyful, athletic, soulful new work. Dorsey’s class environment challenges dancers to take risks through full-throttle dancing with text and emotional content, and lovingly supports dancers to embody technically rigorous movement with authentic theatrical presence. Dancers will gain insight into making dances rooted in real human stories, embodying honesty in performance (versus dancing in “modern dance mode”), and working with text/story and movement.


Pointe – Martha Tournay

Through daily barre and center exercises, students will have the opportunity of adding pointe technique to their dance vocabulary. Students will explore level-appropriate sequences, which will strengthen safe alignment with the ultimate goal of giving the student a sense of ease en pointe 

Musical Theater Dance – Courtney D. Jones

Students are guided towards developing musical theatre dance skills through choreographed movement, staging, improvisation, vocal preparation, research and solo and group performance in class. In this course one musical number is chosen and the history and style of the show are studied and explored through various exercises and a final showing assignment.  Although this is not a vocal class, students will use their voices and are expected to sing in class.  They do not have to “sing well” but they DO have to try.  Storytelling and style will be explored throughout the class.  If you’ve ever dreamt of being on Broadway, this course is for you, “but til’ you try, you’ll never know!”.

Kinstretch – Craig Peugh

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. It encourages better articular health, mobility and movement needed for the demands of life, sport, movement and just about anything else you could think of.

Dance in Context – Sheron Wray

This class will orient the students to the ways in dance intersects with other fields such as the health sciences, community activism, special education and international research. Utilizing video, the internet and written material students will engage in dialogue in which they will discover how and where today’s multifaceted dance education opens pathways into careers where performance skill and artistry are appreciated beyond the stage to further advance the human condition.