Tuition & Fees

Students may enroll in one, two or three courses for the full three weeks or one week at a time.

*If you are a returning YDW or PTP student from the last three years, you will receive a $300 discount on your tuition. Welcome back!*

One Week Intensive Fee

For students applying for a single, week-long intensive in Contemporary, Canon or Pedagogy, an all inclusive fee of $1300 covers 5 full days of classes, and 7 days and 6 nights in a single room. Otherwise, please see tuition and room and board costs below.



  • Full Day (3 courses) $1600
  • 3/4 Day (1 morning course AND 1 afternoon course) $1400
  • 1/2 Day (2 morning courses OR 1 afternoon course) $1000
  • Single Course (morning only)  $500


  • Full Day (3 courses) $1300
  • 3/4 Day (1 morning course AND 1 afternoon course) $1100
  • 1/2 Day (2 morning courses OR 1 afternoon course) $800
  • Single Course (morning only) $300


  • Full Day (3 courses) $750
  • 3/4 Day (1 morning course AND 1 afternoon course) $700
  • 1/2 Day (2 morning courses OR 1 afternoon course) $500
  • Single Course (morning only) $200

Room & Board


  • Single Room $1450
  • Double Room $1395


  • Single Room $800 (no double room available)


  • >Single Room $550 (no double room available)

Application Fee

  • $55 nonrefundable fee is paid with the application and is not applied to the total balance due.

 Room Key Deposit

  • An $80 key deposit payment is due four weeks before the program starts, on June 14, 2019 and is required to complete enrollment.  This payment may be made only by check and must be postdated August 4, 2019.  Your check will be held and will only be deposited if your key is not returned.

 Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • All fees paid (less application fee and $300 deposit) will be fully refunded only if written notice of cancellation is received on or before June 14, 2019. Tuition is nonrefundable after this date for any reason including illness or injury. Room and board fees may be refunded (less $30 administrative fee) on or before June 30.