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Please thoughtfully select your preference of morning courses for the duration of your time at the Festival. This mix of technique and somatic offerings will not change/rotate throughout.

Afternoon Intensives each last one week, allowing for a generous and deep look into a specific form, practice, repertory or pedagogy. Please select a single intensive for each week you intend to dance at the Festival.

Your course selections, application video & resume, and class capacity will determine your overall Festival schedule.

Morning Classes

First Period – 9am-10:30am

Postmodern Moves 4

Kendra Portier

Afro Fusion

Kimani Fowlin

Postmodern Moves 3

Christal Brown

Hip Hop

Jackie Lopez


Shonach Mirk Robles

Ballet 4

Caroline Rocher Barnes

Second Period – 11am-12:30pm

Postmodern Moves 5

Kendra Portier

Dance Your Embodied Truth

Kimani Fowlin

Post Modern Moves 4

Christal Brown


Jackie Lopez

Open Level Ballet

Shonach Mirk Robles


Caroline Rocher Barnes

One-week afternoon intensives


Choose one-week intensives from four different tracks –  Repertory, Canon, Pedagogy & Social Practice, and Making Work.

Stick with one track for the entire three weeks or mix and match.

Contemporary Practice


Pedagogy & Social Practice

Making Work

Week 1 | Physical Propulsion

André Zachery

Week 1 | Breakin'

BRKFST Dance Company

Week 1 | Liberatory Dance Education Workshop

Nyama McCarthy-Brown

Week 1 | Making Work: Choreographing Social Justice

Ananya Chatterjea

Week 2 | Countertechnique

Samuel Melecio-Zambrano

Week 2 | Simonson Technique

Teresa Perez

Week 2 | Fostering Brilliance: Exploring Diverse Pathways in Dance Pedagogy

DeAngelo Blanchard

Week 2 | Making Work

Faye Driscoll

Week 3 | Gaga/dancers + Choreographic Practice

Shamel Pitts

Week 3 | Dunham Technique

Heather Beal

Week 3 | Socially Conscious Choreography

Joya Powell

Week 3 | The Encounter Intensive

Kimberly Bartosik