Join PTP@HOME for five days of rigorous training, thought and creative process. Students 18+ years old, with previous dance experience take three classes each day, including a livestream course from the in-person Bates Dance Festival.


Each day follows the EST schedule below. Specific class details follow.

Class Details


Zen/Raga Movement Theory with Tania Isaac – livestream from campus

Zen/Raga MT blends Caribbean sinuousness and sensibility with a meditative focus Bartenieff-based clarity of action. Beginning always with expansive breath and elastic muscle, we will play with the dynamics of raw drive and subtly crafted intention, moving smoothly through contemporary modern, post-modern, soca & reggae forms. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these movement palettes, building attention to detail and to crafting a personally expressive physical language. – livestream from campus 


Presencing: contemporary practices for building appetite with Shura Baryshnikov

Moving in our own spaces can offer the opportunity for deeply personal somatic research and great sensitivity to the modulations or tonal changes in our practices. Instead of traveling around these energetic shifts, we will move through the center of them to guide personal and collective action. In our sessions, the work will focus largely on scoring: bringing materials and awarenesses into combination, setting and breaking limitations, traveling past the image. Some scores will lead us into interior spaces and others will get us traveling exterior distances; some scores will lead us through phrase material for the additional joy of collective movement. Tenderness, delicacy, release, refusal, pursuit of sensation, infatuation with space, time, and self can carry us if we take agency over our own practices. We can make moment to moment choices about the eye of the camera, participations, and the receipt and personalization of the offerings; this agency can become a texture in and of itself.  Move, write, witness, revisit, question, recycle, refocus, name, don’t name; identify your building blocks to guide intention. We will work to share radical curiosities and rigor of attention to create a space that holds us exactly as we are. 


What’s Your Story? with Lida Winfield & Christal Brown

Explore how your personal history can be used as inspiration to make your own original choreography. In this workshop Christal Brown and Lida Winfield will explore the techniques of visual storytelling, embodied truth and personal narrative. All bodies and abilities welcome.



Dancers are encouraged to enroll in the full intensive. Registration is $300. Some courses will be available for drop-ins. Please email dancefest@bates.edu with any questions.

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