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Un/Doing Creative Lab

Gesel Mason

Un/Doing Creative Lab is an approach to dance and creative place making derived from Gesel Mason’s current choreographic project, “Yes, And.”

 The larger “Yes, And” project is a collection of performance events that embrace an expansive vision of Black womanhood as the operating force in the creative process. “Yes, And” is activated by the questions: “Who would you be and what would you do if, as a Black woman, you had nothing to worry about? What would you create and how might you be in community with others?” 

 Using methodologies that emerged from the “Yes, And” creative process, Un/Doing Creative Lab leads participants through multi-sensory explorations that honor our intuitions and celebrate our collective expertise.

In the process of undoing and re-imagining, we will:

  •     create rituals that counter urgency and expectation
  •     break the rules and listen for the unknown
  •     engage in practices that invite us to “rant”, “rave”, “writhe”, and “remember”
  •     tell the truth
  •     embrace pleasure and joy in all of its complexity
  •     move, make, draw, nibble, and reflect
  •     play and experiment individually and in community with one another

Un/Doing Creative Lab explores new possibilities, alternate realities, and a world that offers a new way of being for all. It is an approach that allows participants the freedom “to find” and to “be found” from a recalibrated and unapologetic place. What might you make?

There will be an informal showing at the end of the week.