Shonach Mirk Robles

Artists must understand in depth how to care for their instruments in order to express themselves better. Spiraldynamik® is a combination of the art and science of anatomically correct movement. It enhances the understanding of the body’s motor function, helps to avoid injury, gives longevity to the dancer’s career and provides clues to improving technique and changing habitual patterns that impede progress.

This is a refresher course for all students who have already taken the Spiraldynamik® for Dancers class, who would like to review the material and hands-on techniques already learned. We will go through the entire body, exploring with renewed understanding and depth it’s functional anatomy and how we apply this knowledge to dance. We will review the theory as well as practice the useful hands-on techniques already learned. Shonach has studied Spiraldynamik® over the past 20 years and has consecrated her teaching career to bringing these principles to dancers by incorporating them into her method of teaching ballet and through her Spiraldynamik® for Dancers course taught uniquely at the Bates Dance Festival.


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