Somatics into Solo Movement

Shura Baryshnikov

In this course, we will wake the body for a full day of dancing through the cultivation of rigorous solo movement practice.  Through changing lenses of somatic exploration focused on anatomy, intero-exteroceptive observation, and imaginative invitations, we will greet our daily attention and intentions.  We will give ourselves the gift of time spent in observation of the mind/body, rejecting ambition in favor of discovering what is emergent. Our focused, contemplative space will vibrate with the contributions of many.    We will seek a radical amount of curiosity, pursuing layers of differentiation and specificity through an increase of perceptual awareness. Move, write, witness, revisit, question, recycle, refocus, name, don’t name. Travel through membranes: interior architectures to exterior architectures and back again.  We will sense deep space within the body and carry that fully dimensional, transparent body into the day’s dancing. If we each bring rigor to this shared space, we can build collective action.

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