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Postmodern Moves 4

Jenna Riegel

Informed by the lineages of postmodern dance icons such as Trisha Brown and Merce Cunningham, and as a former company member and student of choreographers David Dorfman and Bill T. Jones who inherited and transformed these postmodern ideologies into their own work, this class draws on and references a rich movement heritage spanning many forms including classical modern, jazz, hip hop, ballet, improvisational practices and everyday, pedestrian movement. 

An outline of the structure of this class can be found in the description of Postmodern Moves 3. And, as this is an intermediate/advanced technique class, the focus of our personal practice will also be on movement complexity and density, the layering of performance tasks, qualitative and dynamic choice making (including musical phrasing) and the cultivation of self-expression in the interpretation of class material. We will continue to work on investigating accurate understandings of our anatomical structures, grounding our weight, locomoting through space, finding efficiency of effort and tone and exploring specificity of initiations. Additionally, we will create a community and an environment of experimentation and encouragement through active listening, partnered feedback, vocal enthusiasm, improvisational scores and the occasional collaborative phrase making.