Pedagogy and Social Practice

Explore ways to reach students, community, and collaborators. Discover new tools for teaching,
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Performing Citizenship with David Dorfman
July 19 – 25

In studying choreography as social and personal commentary, students will work in class on both solo and group projects, investigating the delicate balance between meaningful form and meaningful content. By breaking down boundaries of disciplinary classification, a merging of movement, text, visuals, and sound will be stressed and a system of humane, honest, and critical dialog will be developed and practiced.

Deaf Culture of Dance: Movement Tools Using ASL with Antoine Hunter

July 26 – Aug 1

This work incorporates American Sign Language (ASL) as a form of dance. Like dance, signed language is performed within the medium of space, and like dance, ASL’s gestures and postures are linked in time to create meaning.

Anti-Racism Through Somatic Practice with Nicole Stanton

August 2 – 8

In this workshop we will bring anti-racism organizing principals into conversation with somatic practices with an eye towards creating platforms and pedagogies that move us towards full participation, connectivity and community. We will talk, move, make, and share together.

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