Making Work

Deeply engage in  compositional practice with contemporary dance-makers.
Immerse in each choreographers’ style and process and discover different ways to perform and
create. Click on courses and faculty for more information.

The Anatomy of Gesture with Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser
July 19 – 25

Students will work with improvisation and performance techniques to explore creating, shaping and connecting emergent gestures in the process of making dance.

Scoring with Yanira Castro
July 26 – August 1

Dialogue and work around large themes: sources/inspirations, practice/systems, structure/strategies (rules, games, instructions) and the manipulation of materials (space, time, body, objects). Students will make work and participate in feedback and discussions.

C(art)ography with Michelle Ellsworth
August 2 – 8

Engage with new technology and systems of communication while making dances. Students will learn about Michelle Ellsworth’s innovative process and apply new ideas to their choreography.

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