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Limon Technique

Eric Parra

This class will serve as an exploration of the Limón principles through improvisation, process and adaptation. Dancers will be able to use ideas like breath, fall and recovery, weight, and rhythm as the catalyst for their movement. Beginning with meditative breathing exercises, this class gradually accumulates to spacial pathways unique to the Limón style. From there, dancers will be able to dive into Limón concepts through a series of improvisational tasks–all with the idea of holistic human expression through movement. Using these practices, the dancers will then have a chance to dive into José Limón’s repertory not only by learning rich excerpts of iconic choreography, but also by adapting their own thoughts and movement ideas into the work. Through watching archival footage, discussion, and practice, dancers will leave the space with an increased sense of agency over their body as an instrument. Proven to be timeless and universal, Limón’s work offers dancers the ability to use these ideas to deepen their artistry in this and any style. These principles work to make the artist a more empathic individual amongst the community and a more understanding human in the world.