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Liberatory Dance Education

Nyama McCarthy-Brown

Join this five-day course to explore yourself, your teaching practices, and how you can reimagine your teaching to be transformative. In this course, we will center the dancing body and engage in embodied conversations about race, class, gender, nationality, ethnicity, and other components of identity. We will begin the work by creating a sense of community among class members to dive deeply into sensitive identity-based topics.  The content in this course moves beyond definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and accepts that these terms are now components of our present social reality and landscape that require a heightened awareness and understanding of these issues. Class members will be offered opportunities to examine identity-based power dynamics in their teaching settings; reflect on the oppressive impact of social identity constructs; and explore liberatory teaching practices for dance.  Class members will learn about collaborative dance arts that centering an anti-oppressive framework and are dependent upon the affirmation of all bodies in the room. 

Teachers at any stage of experience are invited to join in this work, with the mission to become more inclusive teachers. We will support each other in this mission with the knowledge that as teachers, we are impacting many. This course calls all educators seeking liberatory methods that are engaging and relevant for the twenty-first century.