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Hip Hop

Jackie Lopez

This course is the study and practice of Hip Hop, with a focus on Social Party Dances. Class will focus on learning the vocabulary of most Hip Hop Social Party Dances created from the late 1970’s until 2000’s modern era. In addition to learning the vocabulary, students will also work on groove movement principles, foundation, and the technique of Hip Hop dance, as well as learn muscle control, character building, body alignment and terminology related to various community/Hip Hop dances. The history and understanding of Hip Hop Social Party Dances will be discussed in class to fully understand the essence as to where and why these dances were created. Lastly, students will share their individual work/movements and experience a collective social practice that leads to interaction/partner work, across the floor and improvisation/freestyle cypher, leading to a memorable community experience.

Note: The movement content and teachings of this course is reflective of the instructor’s personal experience as a teacher, professional dancer and choreographer and practitioner in the field of Hip Hop/Streetdance and culture for 25+ years.