Contact Improvisation

Shura Baryshnikov

The practice of Contact Improvisation structures physical research that can amplify fundamental understandings of the dancing body: tone, physical force, negotiation of momentum and disorientation, sense of center, organization and stability, perception of weight, falling and distribution of impact, use of the eyes, etc.  In this course, we will work to grow clarity of physical connection with our dance partners through explorations into quality of touch, tracking, and shared structure. No matter our background with CI, we will bring a beginner’s mind to open to what the practice might reveal to us about our daily dancing bodies and the moment to moment social/emotional/imaginative relationship we have to exploring physically with another.  We will be rigorous in our practice and negotiation of verbal and non-verbal communication.  We will commit ourselves to a physical practice that supports consent culture and the unique and constantly evolving experience, physical body, and movement history of each practitioner.  We will open ourselves to feel the impact of a growing self awareness and the ongoing negotiation of boundaries and interests within the dance. Our studio will buzz with a healthy amount of challenge and loads and loads of gratitude. 

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