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BY | WITH | THROUGH: Co-Creating Dances

Xan Burley and Alex Springer.

Xan Burley + Alex Springer have been making and performing dances since 2007. Our co-creative projects evolve through collective dreaming with each other and multi-disciplinary collaborators. We ground our choreographic research in lateral methodologies–especially those that are multi-modal, discursive, and pluralist–to devise performances for the stage, camera, and alternative sites. We write, draw, sing, speak, collage, archive. We harmonize with space, object, obstacle, technology, sound, and witness. We consider our lineages–as people, performers, and artists–as abundant, complicated, and available knowl[edges]. 

In this week of dance-making, we will reflect upon, dialogue about, and bring into being our creative philosophies—those that we dream of/up/through, those that linger with us, and those that might be emerging/evolving. We will create dances….


  • improvising on our own and together.
  • generating movement(s) in the forms of solos, duets, and groups.
  • organizing content in space with care, attention, and curiosity.


  • ourselves and that which defines us; our bodies and voices.
  • each other, our communities close and distant.
  • the space, site, environment.
  • sound—found, made, recorded, played.
  • objects of interest, real or imagined.


  • sensation, stimuli, story.
  • conversation, socializing, sharing, giving, receiving, offering.
  • multi-modal processes.
  • iteration.

We will support our work by articulating what we expect of ourselves and each other and asking: what happens if… 

At the end of the week, an open sharing is possible depending on our desires as a community.

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