Dive into rigorous codified physical techniques, learn historical context, watch archival video of
work, and explore each of these canonized choreographer’s creation practice. Click on courses and faculty for more information.

Dunham Intensive with Kehinde Ishangi
July 19 – 25

Delve into the innate system of core and strength training through an investigation of functional movement in each exercise. This class utilizes principles of Franklin Method®, GRYOKINESIS®, and Pilates.

Trisha Brown Dance Company Intensive with Irene Hultman
July 26 – August 1

This week will consist of a kinetic warm up drawing on body-preparation for deeper understanding towards full dancing mode.  Body based improvisation towards intuitive realization with emphasis on dance as dialogue, to deeper understand the work of Trisha Brown.

Horton Intensive with Kevin Iega Jeff
August 2 – 8

Explore choreographed movement and improvisation through the prism of Horton-based technique and contextual dialogues.

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