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Alexander Technique

Alice MacDonald

This class will explore the essential connection between your mind, body, and self through the lens of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique provides a process for becoming mindful of how you’re using your body so that you can create supportive and sustainable movement pathways in your dancing and everyday life.

Class will provide you with a process for cultivating awareness and creating the conditions for change to emerge so that you can move with less strain, force, or pain, and more ease, connectivity, and flow. In class, you will be guided towards an embodied understanding of your own ranges of effort, mobility, breath, and balance.

Classes will explore topics such as:

  • Dynamic balance and a sustainable approach to posture
  • Spatial initiation and awareness
  • Applied anatomy and kinesiology
  • Tools for recuperation and injury prevention
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Application to dancing through both codified form and improvisation

This class includes auditory/visual and hands-on guidance, with consent.