Application Instructions

 Important Information

Please carefully read all instructions before beginning your application.

Please prepare a resume and two-three minute video demonstrating your current training and skills.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their complete application package early to ensure placement because enrollment is limited and qualified students are accepted on a rolling basis. When full enrollment is reached students will be notified and added to our waiting list.

Once you have submitted your application package it will take us up to 3 weeks for review and processing and you receive an email notification regarding your enrollment status.

A $300 deposit is due within two weeks of your acceptance to hold your place in the program. This deposit goes directly towards your final tuition payment.

Please contact Allie James, Admissions Director at (207) 786-6381 or via e-mail at if you have any questions.

 Course Selection Guidelines

To be placed in preferred courses, students will reflect experience on their resumes and in application videos. This ensures both safety and rigor in classes. Please use the following guidelines to consider appropriate class selections and rank your preferences.

Level III (intermediate) requires dancers have at least four years on current and continuous training in specified technique.

Level IV (intermediate/advanced) requires dancers have at least five years of current and continuous training in specified technique.

Level V (advanced) requires dancers have at least six years of current and continuous training in specified technique.

Courses without specific levels are open to students able to demonstrate commensurate experience in related forms.

Required Materials

A complete application must include the following materials:

1. Resume

A resume indicating your dance training over the last three years. Please note that in order to enroll in Level IV or V technique or Advanced Improvisation you must document extensive study in these areas. Please add and highlight this information in your resume.

2. Application Fee

A Visa or Mastercard for the required $55 application fee.

3. Video Clip

A three-minute video of yourself dancing — please follow these guidelines:

  • The video clip should be of you in performance, rehearsal or studio work and demonstrate your ability to: 1) move through space, 2) move into and recover from the floor, 3) do both sustained and quick movement.
  • Make sure there is adequate light and the recording is of good quality so that we can see you clearly enough to evaluate your skills.
  • Clearly identify yourself in the clip if you are not the only dancer.
  • Tell us when and where the clip was recorded. The clip should be no more than 1 year old.
  • Upload to youtube or a password protected vimeo account.
  • If uploaded provide us with the exact web address and access code.

Online Application Form

Be sure to have all required components listed above ready before you begin your online application.

The application is closed