Interning at BDF was the best summer I have ever had. It felt like I finally found a place where I truly belong - that happy medium between dancer and technician that I have been longing to find for so many years.

Hannah Miller

This internship has exposed me to so many amazing people that it is almost impossible to not make a BDF connection wherever I go. Being able to see the behind-the-scenes work that goes into this festival is incredible and a valuable opportunity for anyone wanting to enter this field.

Calvin Franke

BDF is unique in the way that it is more intimate and communal, fostering an environment in which obtaining connections and knowledge in the dance world and beyond is organic.

Kristen Bernier


Applications for the 2019 Bates Dance Festival Internship Program will open from December 3, 2018 – January 14, 2019. 

Technical Production

The Technical Production Internship is intended for young designers with a strong interest in dance production and stage design. Interns work closely with Lighting Supervisor, Gregory Catellier, and visiting artists’ production staff and design team members as part of the crew for the Festival’s public performance series of 12 concerts. Interns hang and focus the rep plot, run sound, wardrobe, fly rail, and maintain the theatre. In addition, interns assist in designing Bates Dance Festival in-house productions. Pending production schedule rigors, interns may enroll in one morning class during the Professional Training Program. All production applicants must have prior experience and a strong interest in dance production. Production Interns must be on campus June 25-August 7, 2018. Five positions are available.


Interns work directly with the dance videographers, Lindsay LaPointe and Ellen Maynard, recording all performances and related events, and gaining experience in all facets of archival documentation. The focus of the internship is on camera work, and video editing necessary for proper documentation and promotional materials related to dance: shooting techniques, concepts of documentation, interview techniques, proper titling, labeling and logging of material, editing dance and related video footage, and the editorial point of view for creation of an in-depth project. Interns will also work on team based projects creating content for BDF’s social media. Candidates should have some experience with digital video, as well as experience in documenting dance. Interns must be on campus July 2-August 7, 2018. Applicants should include work samples of their video editing and documentation by submitting links for review. Two positions are available.

Social Media

This intern works directly with the Festival Director and as part of the media team. The focus of this internship is to gain experience in managing many social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – along with the festival’s blog through WordPress. Applicants should submit a work sample of their writing and social media work: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages managed, websites created, blogs written. Intern must be on campus June 21-August 5, 2018. One position is available.


Interns work closely with the Festival Director, Admissions Director, Box Office Manager and the faculty to support the day-to-day activities of the Festival. Interns assist with general office management (phone, fax, copying, data entry); creation and preparation of materials for students, artists, public engagement and events; program scheduling and logistics; documentation and store management and sales. Applicants must have good computer, organizational, verbal and written skills. Interns must be on campus June 17-August 7. One position is available.

Dance Education

This internship is geared to students of dance, music, theater, and visual art currently majoring in arts education and preparing to teach K-12. Interns work side-by-side with the arts education faculty of the Festival’s Youth Arts Program (YAP). YAP overlaps with the three-week Professional Training Program, providing a diverse group of up to 60 local youth, ages 7-16, with daily dance, music, theater, literary and visual art classes. Interns provide classroom support for the faculty of seven, gaining valuable hands-on experience, and participate in daily staff evaluation and planning meetings. Interns are also contribute to the creation of the Festival Finale production.  Applicants must document previous experience working with youth, an interest in exploring the arts with children, an ability to work as part of a team, and good organizational and verbal skills. Interns must be on campus July 14-August 5, 2018. Four positions are available.

Application is now Closed. Applicants will be notified by February 16, 2018 of their status.


  1. Fill out and submit the Intern Application Form online.
  2. Forward the Internship Reference Form link to your recommender to be filled out and submitted online.

Application deadline is January 31 at 5pm EST. Those who submit their application before the deadline will be notified by email by Feb. 16, 2018.