About Jesse

Jesse Manno has been Music Director of the University of Colorado, Boulder Dance Program since 1991.  He has also been an accompanist/composer in residence at the Bates Dance Festival for 18 years, and a regular Artist in Residence with ACDA, Florida Dance Festival, and others.  He’s created around 200 dance, theatre, circus art and film scores for a great variety of commissioners and collaborators, including David Dorfman, Michael Foley, Chris Aiken/Angie Hauser, Lazer Vaudeville, David Taylor, Turning The Wheel, Inc., and many others.  His work has been presented all over the U.S., as well as in several European and Asian countries, and he has received three Meet The Composer grants from the NEA, among other. His group SHEREFE performs Balkan and Middle Eastern music at festivals, weddings, and conferences throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Please visit www.jessemanno.com and www.sherefe.org for more information.

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