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Inside Bates Dance Festival

By July 28, 2011December 17th, 20142011/12 BDF in Motion



Greetings, dance enthusiast! This is Brianna Hall, one of your guides to the beauty and madness of Bates Dance Festival, 2011. Exciting things are happening here every day, and I want to keep you up to speed. Check in here for teacher interviews, student profiles, and class progress reports. I will let you know what I think about the festival’s performances and lectures. A feature called “overheard in the studio” will give you a focused snapshot of class life. New posts will appear daily, so please: keep coming back!

At the orientation meeting, Laura (the festival’s fearless leader) eloquently laid out the festival philosophy:

“Create a Cooperative Community”   “Share Knowledge and inspiration”   “Foster Humility and Confidence”

This is just a handful of ambitious ideals that Bates Dance Festival strives to realize.  But how? And where? I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled for compassion at work and sparks of creative collaboration.  Each day, or so, I’ll highlight one.  The challenge will not be in finding the Bates philosophy in action.  The festival’s affirming community is alive and the creative energy palpable.  The challenge will be in choosing.

I recently graduated from St. Olaf College in Minnesota with bachelor degrees in English and dance. I am privileged to foster my love of words and love of movement this summer at Bates!