2014 Youth Arts in Motion

Better Together

YAP student learns about percussion. As the BDF social media intern, I am spoiled rotten. Seriously. I get to investigate DanceMotion USA’s residency with David Dorfman, Korhan Basaran's group of…
July 25, 2014
2014 Designing Dance

The Wall as Dancer

I keep thinking about the wall currently set up on the Schaeffer Theatre stage for the upcoming performances of “Come, and Back Again” by David Dorfman Dance. Filled with curated “pots…
July 24, 2014
2014 Designing Dance

The Power of an Image

How powerful are images? What do we really see in an image? How do these images comment on and inspire choreography? Camille A. Brown challenged us as an audience during the…
July 19, 2014
2014 Director's Notes

Guardians of Craft

This week I was honored to be invited for an interview by my Bates colleague, Michael Sargent, for his blog Guardians of Craft.  You can listen to the 35-minute interview…
July 12, 2014