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Back in Joburg

By February 17, 2012December 17th, 20142012 Director's Notes, 2012 Travels in Johannesburg

Last night, after a 14 hour flight, I arrive back in Johannesburg for the 24th edition of Dance Umbrella. I am settled in at the familiar and lovely guest house, Tama Rumah in Melville along with my Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium colleagues Joan Frosch, Marj Neset and Cathy Zimmerman. We have enjoyed a delicious lunch at our favorite local restaurant,The Lucky Bean and toasted to our return to this amazing country. Tonight we are off to see new works by BDF alums Gregory Maqoma and Neli Xaba.

Lunching at the Lucky Bean

Driving into town last night from the airport the sun was a giant orange ball perched on the horizon saying welcome back to Africa. The air was fresh and sticky after a hard rain and so invitingly warm after a winter in Maine. Sometimes I love returning to a favorite place that is familiar, (our little guest house has all the same employees as last time) and yet offers new adventures. We will see lots of new work here and meet with African artists colleagues to plot the future of our project fostering international exchanges.

Outside my window exotic birds are singing and I feel so privileged to do this work with friends from around the world.