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Another Point of View, One Week In

By July 29, 20122011/12 BDF in Motion

A brief introduction. My name is Alexandra (Alex) Mathews and I am delighted to say that it’s my first year at Bates Dance Festival! I’ve come to BDF as an arts administrative intern. I work daily in the office and hope to contribute an additional voice to the festival blog this summer.  I’ve traveled from the concrete jungle of the west coast, Los Angeles, California. It’s a relief to take a break from LA traffic and set foot in the quieter, more remote town of Lewiston, Maine at a festival comprised of an electricity very distinct from the city I currently live in. Here, my national and international scope of dance will unquestionably continue to unravel in ways I deem valuable: communally, inspiringly and interpersonally.

What a privilege and honor it is to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nothing but dance, art, performance, creative process and genuine friendships- and of course, be a part of this year’s 30th anniversary celebration! As many of you may already know, we are set on an ever so green liberal arts college campus. Some days are stickier than others with a combination of humidity and heat, but overall the sun beats down gloriously and enjoyably every day.  Although, after this weekend, I’ve learned the rain is a dear companion to the sun here too. To put it simply, it’s beautiful. Each day I discover in more ways than one.

As Sophie noted, we are one week into the Professional Training Program.  I can’t believe it! It’s thrilling so far. I’m stimulated in every way imaginable. My body aches from its over indulgence of a life in motion (it’s great) – there’s also a particular ease and comfort to life here. I feel calm, collected and I think the discoveries to come will assure more friction to the way I think, engage and move as an individual. Let’s just say there is a lot that happens within a 24 hr. time frame on this campus. Though seemingly small in size, it is abundantly rich in activity. Not only are participants taking four dance classes daily (with LIVE music!), but faculty, work studies, and interns all work intently throughout the day as well. Not to mention artists in residency and visiting dance company members rehearse vigorously on a weekly basis.  I often walk from one thing to the next and savor a moment to myself  thinking, wow- this place is great.


This upcoming week I’ll be sharing more insight on who and what.

Plenty more to come, always.