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All about the music

By August 1, 20112011/12 BDF in Motion

It’s already Week 2!  While every week has phenomenal music, this one may be the best simply due to the extracurriculars we’ve got goin’ on.  Here’s what’s happening…..

If you missed the wonderful works in progress showing last night, be sure not to miss the David Dorfman Lecture Demonstration tonight!  It’s 7:30pm in the Schaeffer Theatre.  Last night’s three pieces featured tracks ranging from heavy synthesizer to powerful live voice to nostalgic favorites.  I’m sure tonight will feature a few numbers we all love as well.

This Tuesday is The Musician’s Concert at the Franco-American Heritage Center.  Hop on the bus at 6:50 and 7:10 to hear the something we’ve all been waiting for…..all the musicians in a single space!

Friday brings not only Class Switch Day but the first of the David Dorfman performances.  Finally get to jam with the accompanists that you don’t see every day.

Round out your weekend with UN/STABLE LANDSCAPE: The Equus Project & Black Label Movement. Site specific always results in an exciting and unpredictable soundscape.

Happy listening!