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About Shonach

Having received her classical training in some of the world’s best schools, including the School of American Ballet, the Royal Ballet School and Maurice Béjart’s MUDRA, Shonach enjoyed a passionate career as  principle dancer in Europe, notably with Béjart’s famed Ballet of the Twentieth Century. The choreographer entrusted her with assisting in directing the company in his absence and restating several of his ballets around the world, including “The Firebird” for the Alvin Ailey company, “The Rite of Spring” for the Paris Opera and “Le Concours” for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. 

Being forced to abandon her career as dancer due to a series of accidents, Shonach dedicated the following part of her professional life to teaching and helping dancers use their bodies in more efficient manners to avoid injury and enjoy long dance careers. Understanding that most dance education provides little understanding of the bodies fine tuning, she studied Spiraldynamik® while also completing her MDEd. The combination of these two advanced studies dramatically informed her approach to teaching ballet technique through the integration of Spiraldynamik® principles. Her ongoing studies of TaiChi and Qigong, combined with the above mentioned studies, provide a holistic approach to the ballet technique. 

At the request of BDF, Shonach created a Spiraldynamik® for Dancers class that she began teaching at the festival in 2010. 

She occasionally teaches internationally in Japan, France, Spain and Germany and directs her own school in her home town outside of Zürich, where she is using the “school of dance” to contribute healthy people responsible for their actions to our society.