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Lida Winfield

About Lida

Lida Winfield is an innovative and accomplished dancer, choreographer, spoken word artist and educator. She creates original solo, duet and group work; merging storytelling, dance and visual art.  She considers her artistic practice inextricably linked to her role as an educator and is dedicated to using the performing arts to move herself and others forward intellectually, developmentally, socially and spiritually.   Lida has taught and performed in a variety of places such as; Roger Williams University, Habla: The Center for Language and Culture in Mexico, National Dance Association Conference, Skidmore College, the Bates Dance Festival and Middlebury College. In 2011, she toured original duet work with Ellen Smith Ahern and intermedia dance company Double Vision across Europe. Lida studied at The School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam the Netherlands and in 2011 earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, VT with a focus on the transformative power of the expressive arts. In 2016 she was honored with the Rebecca Blunk Fund Award though NEFA.

Lida encourages her students and audience to see themselves, their bodies, and their environment from new angles.  She cultivates opportunities and experiences that transform and deeply impact day to day lives.  What transpires within the teaching and performing environment is integrated and transferred out into the world allowing it to live beyond the confines of the classroom or stage. Lida is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Dance Program at Middlebury College.