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About Alice

Alice MacDonald is an Alexander Technique Teacher (AmSAT) based in Brooklyn, NY and Bath, ME. She is passionate about helping people connect more deeply with their bodies and their movement so they can experience healing, support, sustainability, and joy in their movement. After years of managing injuries and chronic pain while dancing and performing, Alice began studying the Alexander Technique which allowed her to embody supportive, mindful ways of moving and being. 

Alice teaches Alexander Technique in Maine, NYC, and online. She is currently on faculty at the Balance Arts Center (NYC), Movement Research (NYC), and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC). She has presented and taught at Union & Co (ME), Bates Dance Festival (ME), Beacon Hill Staffing Group (NYC), Hunter College Dance Dept. (NYC), Peridance (NYC), SUNY Purchase College (NY), The New School (NYC), and Opera Arts (Antwerp), and others.

Alice’s teaching is influenced by experiential study in MindBody Therapy, meditation, dance and improvisation, anatomy and kinesiology, developmental movement, and many other process-oriented modalities. 

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