Our faculty includes an international cadre of gifted teachers known for their mastery of the form as well as their generosity of spirit.

Each summer a mix of familiar and new teachers share a range of dance perspectives as they work collaboratively to reinforce the principles of sound technique, creative development, cooperative learning, and a spirit of open-minded fearlessness.

Chris Aiken

Jennifer Archibald

Shura Baryshnikov

Yanira Castro

Joy Davis

David Dorfman

Michelle Ellsworth

Angie Hauser

Yvonne Hernandez

Iréne Hultman

Antoine Hunter

Kehinde Ishangi

Kevin Iega Jeff

Courtney D. Jones

Darrell Jones

Gesel Mason

Bebe Miller

Jennifer Nugent

Katy Pyle

Maree ReMalia

Shonach Mirk-Robles

Andrew Schneider

Nicole Stanton