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A Crack in Everything – The After Image

The first movement: Over the course of 15 minutes a dancer makes her way across the stage, left to right. She is persistent, methodical. She tugs  in her mouth, a cord of red thread. She is entirely focused on this task and entirely present to the other dancers around her.  As she reaches the far side of the stage, the lights flash on, she releases the thread from her mouth. The image of the rippling red lightening bolt burns into my mind’s eye and continues to float there long after the actual fabric has settled on the floor.  Another word for afterimage is ghost image. A Crack in Everything is rich with ghosts, with overlays and layers, with images seen and heard and imagined.  At the Q&A after the show tonight, Zoe Scofield said she does not experience much difference between her waking life and her dream states. I am not surprised. See the show tonight. It is extraordinary.

More soon…