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Hello, Bates!

My name is Sophie and I am one of the bloggers for the 2011 summer festival.

I’m very thrilled to be here and to be writing to you all.  Not only am I a first time Bates student, I get to flex my writing muscle a bit and address my two career paths: dance and food!  While I currently work in both fields separately, I’m excited to finally cross these themes here at Bates.

As many of you know, the theme of the youth program this year is nutrition.  Besides covering many festival events and interviewing the people who make it all happen, I’ll be focusing on this theme in the context of the Bates Dance Festival.

You will probably see me interviewing faculty, staff and students in Commons.  If you are interested in learning more about the blog, or participating in an interview, please just ask!  As much as I would love to speak with everyone, three weeks is much too short to hear all of the stories that the festival holds.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share a few with you.

Happy reading!