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Body Language to the Nth

I’m just back from the first performance of  Camille A Brown and Dancers.

First impressions:  Precision and fluidity. Stillness and staccato bursts. Prosaic gesture and polished execution.  Bodies round, bodies angular.  Bodies in flight and bodies grounded.

Images that linger with me:

From The City of Rain: There is a blue cast to the stage.  The dancers attention is indrawn. They are moving in unison, appear crouched in mid-air, suspended and compact. Then half the dancers drop to the floor and the others rise up like startled birds.  No longer discrete dancers, they have become pure, abstract movement and shape.

From The Groove to Nobody’s Business: The dancers are subway passengers waiting for a train. Interactions are inevitable, especially with Ray Charles’  “What’d I Say” pulsing in the background. Subtle gestures, a smirk, a dip of the shoulder, counterpoint exuberant contact and mock conflict – the human comedy as on display every day. And with joy.

More soon about the show and the post performance discussion.