Myron Beasley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the areas of Cultural Studies, African American Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bates College

Myron Beasley is a scholar and a curator. His ethnographic research includes exploring the intersection of cultural politics, art and social change, as he believes in the power of artists and recognize them as cultural workers; He has been awarded fellowships and grants by the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Whiting Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Ruth Landes Award from the Reed Foundation, and most recently the Kindling Fund for his critical ethnographic writing about art and cultural engagement. Patience on a Memory (Texas, US), Seeing Lewiston (Maine, US), The Ghetto Biennale (Haiti), CAAR Paris (France) are recent curatorial projects. His writing has appeared in many academic journals including The Journal of Poverty, Text and Performance Quarterly, Museum & Social Issues, The Journal of Curatorial Studies and Performance Research.