2018 Performances & Events

Erica Mott Productions

MYCELIAL: Street Parliament

July 5-7, 7:30pm
Gannett Theater

Sean Dorsey Dance

Boys in Trouble

July 12 & 14, 7:30pm
Schaeffer Theatre

Rennie Harris PureMovement


July 20-21, 7:30PM
Schaeffer Theatre

Musician’s Concert

July 23, 7:30PM
Gendron Franco Center

Claire Porter & Sara Juli

The Lectern: rule by rule by rule

July 27-28, 7:30PM
Schaeffer Theatre

company nora chipaumire

portrait of myself as my father

August 2-3, 7:30PM
Alumni Gymnasium

Festival Finale

August 4, 7:30pm
Alumni Gymnasium

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