2017 Professional Training Program

Class Schedule

The Professional Training Program offers 31 daily courses from which to choose your program of four daily courses. Courses meet Monday – Friday. Students are responsible for selecting courses appropriate to their level of training. Please make an informed and honest self-evaluation of your dance skills based on professional performing standards.

Students wishing to register for Contact: The Underscore or Choreo Lab II must document significant prior study. Students wishing to register for a repertory class must also qualify for, and enroll in a level IV or V technique class with the same teacher. Refer to specific course description for requirements.

Please note that the Repertory Project with Stephan Koplowitz is a two-period afternoon class. Students must register for both periods.

Course Selection Guidelines: Students enrolling in Level III (intermediate) technique classes must have at least four years of current and continuous training in the discipline; for Level IV (high intermediate) at least five years in a performing arts high school or college dance program; and for Level V (advanced) six or more years of training in a college/post college or professional setting with the ability to dance at a highly advanced level.

Students may register for a maximum of two technique-based classes (modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, Caribbean, repertory) and two from among the other classes offerings.

For class description and faculty bio click on the class title:

Professional Training Program Class Schedule

Modern IV: ContinuumCarrumShamou
Modern VPortierFittin
Ballet VListJones
Ballet LabMirk-RoblesManno
Caribbean Dance Hall RagaIsaac
Contact ImprovisationSmith
Modern IIIRaceManno
Modern VLavista Fittin
Ballet IIIList Jones
Hip HopJohnson
Creative Process IIParker, Miller, Pearson
Modern RepertoryDorfman
Modern VWatts Landa
Jazz IVBuraczeski
Contact and the UnderscoreSmith Vargas
Modern RepertoryLavista/Carrum Shamou
Choreo Lab IParker,Miller, Pearson
Choreolab IIShaw, Foley, Keigwin
Repertory ProjectKoplowitz
Performing CitizenshipDorfman
Modern IVWatts Landa
Caribbean Dance Hall RepIsaac
Hip Hop RepertoryJohnson
Jazz RepertoryBuraczeski
Repertory ProjectKoplowitz
Creative Process IShaw, Foley, Keigwin
Business of DanceKonikow