About Carrie

Carrie Cox is a decade-long veteran of the Bates Dance Festival. What draws her back to BDF, summer after summer, is the desire to live within its singular artistic community, to get her hands messy with the process of theatrical art-making, and to shepherd and champion the education of young theatre makers who wish to immerse themselves in the process of contemporary dance production. Wearing multiple hats of lighting designer, stage manager, and production manager (but not always at the same time), Carrie has toured with Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Momix,
Roxanne Butterfly, Hoi Polloi, Robert Post Comedy Theatre, Balletmet Columbus, David Dorfman Dance, Lynn Dally’s Jazz Tap Ensemble, Karl Rogers’ Red Dirt Dance, RythMEK, Chase Dance Theater, Red Herring Theatre Company, Kirstina Isabelle Dance Company, and Available Light Theatre. When not at BDF, Carrie provides production management for The Ohio State University’s Department of Dance