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Musicians' Concert


Wednesday, July 31
Franco-American Heritage Center, 7:30 p.m.
$15/$7 (General Admission)

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Thoughtful, playful and profound music takes center stage when these extraordinary composers, known for their collaborations with dancers, perform a program of original and improvised works that blend musical styles from around the globe. The evening features multi-instrumentalists Jesse Manno, Terrence Karn, and Shamou whose collective musical repertory spans Africa, Asia and the Middle East; composers and pianists, Peter Jones, Carl Landa and Mike Vargas; electronic music wizard, Albert Mathias, and violin prodigy, Rob Flax.

“We look forward to the Musician’s Concert every season. It is an important part of the festival that showcases these amazing talents.”


(left to right top) Terrence Karn and Shamou, (left to right bottom) Jesse Manno and Rob Flax- photos by Phyllis Graber Jensen


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